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NYE 2017 & Fiesta Bowl Party!

Join Rockbar inc. as we bring the party for
––––––>> NEW YEAR’S EVE 2017 <<––––––

Starting off with THE WATCH PARTY for ALL your College Football Playoffs featuring the Clemson Football Tigers in the 2016 Fiesta Bowl kickoff at 5pm. Food and Drink specials including $20 Buckets of DOS XX and don’t forget

–––> PENNY DRINKS* 7pm-10pm <<–––
* with $25 wristband purchase!!
Enjoy RENEGADE AUDIO’s DJ Michael Hagen with the party music you need ALL Night LONG!!
Table reservations avalable for food/drink minimum purchase guarantee, TEXT 480-331-9190 for info.

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2016 Phoenix Santarchy

Hey Everyone!
As always, this a FREE event with no promotional associations, going strong since 2007! However, we have 300 needy familys that need suppport, so toy donations are greatly appreciated! In addition, our perfromers make this a very spcial event and put life and limb at risk for you.

Route Posting
This is a very early posting for the event, as many of you have been reaching out early so you can make your plans for this year. It’s a little later than usual as the great people at Wasted Grain want to host the last stop and function as our afterparty this year. As ususal I will post the final suggested route the week leading up to the event. Hope to see you out in your Xmas finest.

Twisting the holiday paradigm until it screams for mercy is fun! Getting arrested is not. Santa Claus is friendly, respectful, and cooperative with police officers, security guards, bouncers, and store owners and doesn’t break any laws! “Disorderly Conduct” is not a merit badge. Have your own special twisted fun, but don’t fuck it up for the rest of us! Our santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise, or do harm to others. The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa’s antics in the loving holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them. Seriously – don’t argue. If they don’t want Santa there, Santa should move along.


Who’s in charge? SANTA
Who are you with? SANTA
What organization are you with? SANTA
Who organized this? SANTA
Who just snap chatted a picture of their junk to me? SANTA


Bring ID
Bring cash for drinks (don’t forget the tip!).
Bring cell phone. Look for updates on this event page.
Bring comfy shoes and warm clothes.
Bring candy and crap for the patrons we meet.
Bring a camera.
Bring your loud ass and your singing pipes.
Bring your Santarchy Carol Book

************* more info ************************

Slacks and a hat are *NOT* Christmas costume. An ugly sweater is DEFINITELY NOT Christmas costume. There are events for that stuff, but this event is not one of them.

This is very important. You will be a Santa in a huge group of
Santas. Lines at some bars will be long. This is inevitable, though
we have tried our best to mitigate this as much as possible. Do not bring outside drinks into any bar or restaurant. And remember that drinking alcohol on the streets is illegal. Santa does not have any special permits or permission to be exempt from these laws.

Finally, by showing up, you acknowledge that being Santa can be risky business. You accept all consequences that could potentially arise from your personal participation and any participation of others which may affect you.

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NOTRE DAME Welcome Party at Rockbar Scottsdale!!

–––––– WELCOME NOTRE DAME –––––––
––––––––––FANS & ALUMNI––––––––––––
–––––––– FIESTA BOWL 2016–––––––––––
Come down and meet ALL the visiting and local Fans and Alumni of Your Notre Dame Fighting Irish with the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix and Rockbar Scottsdale.
• Food & Drink Specials
• 2 Story outside Patio
• In The Heart of Old Town Scottsdale
• Get Planning & Events for the Entire Week!
• DJ Music & Videos
• Get Discounted Tickets for NYE!!
There is NO COVER for this event, 6pm start until 2am!!

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NOTRE DAME 2016 Fiesta Bowl Headquarters!!

Join Rockbar Scottsdale and the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix as your Official
• Live Music EVER Night
• Pre & Post Game Celebrations
• Food & Drinks Available Dailey until 2am!

Don’t miss out on any of the Fun!!

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Join Rockbar Scottsdale as you OFFICIAL
––––––––– BLACK OUT EVENT –––––––––
––––––– EAGLES vs CARDINALS –––––––––
–––– 10:30am Doors-6:30PM Kick-Off–––––––
********* THE KITCHEN IS OPEN!!!*********
• EAGLES WEST membership packages
• EAGLES Jersey GIVE-AWAY at Half-Time
• 50/50 Raffle!!
• More SPECIALS and GIVEAWAYS can happen ANYTIME!!

Don’t miss the GAME hanging with YOUR FANS!!
––––> ONLY at ROCKBAR SCOTTSDALE <–––– #Eagles #BackInBlack #Theresstillachance #NFL #Cardinals #RockbarScottsdale #FlyEaglesFly #BirdGang #EaglesWestAZ MAKE SURE YOU “LIKE” & “SHARE” our page & continue spreading the word about EAGLES WEST… the ONLY place to be for #EaglesFans in Arizona! CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL BLASTS —-> http://WWW.EAGLESWEST.COM

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You are cordially invited to rock with us from 7pm-2am New Year’s Eve Night! This years headliner for our New Year’s Street Festival will be Frankie Ballard, with Tommy Ash, Chad Freeman and Redline, and Laura Walsh! In addition to musical entertainment we will have a Full Fireworks display at midnight, full access to street, and full access to Dos Gringos and Rockbar Inc. DJ’s will be on the one’s and two’s inside both locations, and of course you can rock freely on the street between both locations with cup in hand! We ask everyone to party responsibly and please find a safe ride home! Within a one mile radius you can find a plethora of hotels to accommodate a safe stay after a New Year’s Eve night of partying! This years block party will be benefiting the wonderful organization PeppedUp! Check the links below for all show sponsors! Click the ticket link to get discounted tickets now, don’t wait!

Location: Craftsman Court between 3rd Ave & 5th Ave. just one block West of Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Scottsdale’s Ultimate Block Party, produced by Open Air Events

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