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2015 Phoenix Santarchy 1st STOP with THE HARDWAYS at Rockbar!

–––––– Welcome to the 2015 SANTARCHY ––––––
We are Your SANTA 1ST STOP begining at 6pm!!
**Live Music begins at 7pm with THE HARDWAYS**
–––– LIMITED FOOD MENU will be Available!!––––

All stops and specials to be posted the Thursday before the event

Twisting the holiday paradigm until it screams for mercy is fun! Getting arrested is not. Santa Claus is friendly, respectful, and cooperative with police officers, security guards, bouncers, and store owners and doesn’t break any laws! “Disorderly Conduct” is not a merit badge. Have your own special twisted fun, but don’t fuck it up for the rest of us! Our santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise, or do harm to others. The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa’s antics in the loving holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them. Seriously – don’t argue. If they don’t want Santa there, Santa should move along.


Who’s in charge? SANTA
Who are you with? SANTA
What organization are you with? SANTA
Who organized this? SANTA
Who just snap chatted a picture of their junk to me? SANTA


Bring ID
Bring cash for drinks (don’t forget the tip!).
Bring cell phone. Look for updates on this event page.
Bring comfy shoes and warm clothes.
Bring candy and crap for the patrons we meet.
Bring a camera.
Bring your loud ass and your singing pipes.
Bring your Santarchy Carol Book

************* more info ************************

Slacks and a hat are *NOT* Christmas costume. An ugly sweater is DEFINITELY NOT Christmas costume. There are events for that stuff, but this event is not one of them.

This is very important. You will be a Santa in a huge group of
Santas. Lines at some bars will be long. This is inevitable, though
we have tried our best to mitigate this as much as possible. Do not bring outside drinks into any bar or restaurant. And remember that drinking alcohol on the streets is illegal. Santa does not have any special permits or permission to be exempt from these laws.

Finally, by showing up, you acknowledge that being Santa can be risky business. You accept all consequences that could potentially arise from your personal participation and any participation of others which may affect you.

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